Yummy Stuff

what we do

Yummy Stuff Bakery located in Parkdale on the edge of High Park & Roncesvalles, is a bakery specializing in classic North American baking including cakes, cookies and squares.

Our specialty is our cakes, that have been a part of people’s lives over the past 10 years. Our flavours are classic with seasonal features to keep things interesting. Our ingredients are as simple as they were when our parents would have baked; butter, flour, sugar and eggs.

Our History

The Yummy Stuff team have been baking up a storm since 2003! Yummy Stuff’s retail bakery opened in May 2008, by Morag and her team of bakers and decorators! For ten years the team has been producing classic cake flavours with beautiful designs.


In the Spring of 2018, Morag passed on the yummy torch to Logan Prong; a seasoned pastry chef with a commitment to focusing on yummy flavours for the masses. Look forward to more about Logan and the vision his team has for the next 10 years of Yummy Stuff Bakery.