Cake Flavours

Each day we bake our signature cakes and cupcakes fresh to order. We then build all of our cakes with a classic buttercream combination meant to please any cake lover.

Current Flavours:
Classic Chocolate (available in gluten free or vegan)
Classic Vanilla (available in gluten free)
Red Velvet
Raspberry Vanilla

Cake Sizes
+ Pricing

All of our cake flavours are available in a variety of sizes and styles. From mini cupcakes perfect for little hands, to slabs that could feed an army, there is a portion size that is perfect for every event.

All of our standard round and slab cakes are approximately 3.5″ inches tall, built from 3 layers of cake, filled with two layers of American Style Buttercream filling (no eggs).

Our cupcakes come in bite sized minis or grown adult regular. Volume discounts are available as listed.

Cake Truffles feature all of the components of our classic cake flavours rolled into 2 bite treat. The truffle filling is then coated in chocolate and rolled in a complimentary crumb.

*Vegan and Gluten-free options are available at an additional cost.

**All cakes include up to 2 colours plus vanilla or chocolate. Additional colours are available for a mixing fee of $10.00/colour. We can not colour our cake batter at this time.

6″ Cake

Serves 6 to 10 people.

Standard– $40

8″ Cake

Serves 12 to 18 people.

Standard– $62

10″ Cake

Serves 24 to 30 people.

Standard– $92

1/4 Slab

Serves 45 to 70 people.

Standard– $130

1/2 Slab

Serves 75 to 100 people.

Standard– $190

Cake Truffles

Available in Singles or
by the Dozen.

Single – $1.75
Dozen – $18.00


Available in Mini or Regular.

Mini, Single – $2.25
Mini, 100+ – $1.75

Regular, Single – $3.50
Regular, 24 + – $3.25

Maximum 2 colours

Edible Images

For fun designs on short notice we’re more than happy to incorporate an edible image into a cake design.

Our printer uses a non-toxic ink on an edible image sheet of paper, as such we can not guarantee colour matching to your original picture, that being said, we do find that our customers are very happy with the results.

Edible Image Cupcake toppers are available for both our regular and mini cupcakes with a minimum of 48 hours notice and a minimum order of 24 toppers. The edible image is applied to a thin piece of fondant which then sits on top of the cupcake frosting.

    • Each edible image, up to 7″x9″ is an additional $25.00;
    • Each edible image mini cupcake topper is an additional $1.25/cupcake;
    • Each edible image cupcake topper is an additional $2.00/cupcake.

Please provide us the full image you would like to use and our team of decorators will adjust the size to fit the cake. We recommend allowing us to crop the image into a circle as it tends to look better on a round cake, however, we are happy to print the shape you supply as well.

Want to find out about Seasonal Features?

We’ll keep you to date on all of our new seasonal cake flavours and any specialty items we launch for various holidays throughout the year.